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Cooking Is Loving People Through Food

Alicia MitchellAlicia Mitchell spent almost 20 years working in the pharmaceutical industry before diving into the restaurant world. Growing up in an Italian family, food has always been at the forefront of warm memories. There is a kinship between culinary arts and chemistry, and her background only strengthened her skills and curiosity in the kitchen.

Eight years ago, while still working in the pharmaceutical industry, The Kitchen Sink started as a true passion project that ebbed and flowed over the years. Alicia took her jarred soup ingredients and hearty loaves of bread to local farmer’s markets at the end of 2020. Her love of food continued to grow, and she sought a way to marry her appetite for cooking and baking and, most importantly, to continue sharing it with others. In 2021, she found what she was looking for and settled into a space in the Brooklyn Arts District in downtown Wilmington.

The name “The Kitchen Sink” takes inspiration from Alicia’s mother, who made amazing soups from seemingly random ingredients that she had on hand; “Everything But The Kitchen Sink.” This knack for finding the perfect balance was passed on to Alicia, and when you dine at The Kitchen Sink, you’ll find a mix of old and new techniques, unique ingredients and flavors, and passion and skill in each plate. 


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Order a fresh soup, salad, or sandwich from The Kitchen Sink, and our electric bike will bring it to you. Delivery area Brooklyn Arts District N 4th to Front St.