Lunch in Wilmington, NC

The 5 Principles to a Healthy Lunch in Wilmington, NC

Lunch is often the most overlooked meal of the day. There’s lots of good information about the first meal (breakfast) being so important, and about the timing of our dinner meals. But rarely do we discuss the importance, and elements, of an excellent lunch. This is even more important when choosing lunch in Wilmington, NC because so many of the downtown Wilmington food options are either breakfast or designed for dinner. What’s more: we offer socially responsible, local, and organic food with gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options!

At The Kitchen Sink We Take Great Pride in Lunch in Wilmington, NC



Soup flight at The Kitchen Sink for lunch.

The 5 Principles:

1. Have a plan for a healthy lunch

2. Balance your midday meal.

3. Check your lunch time portion size.

4. Rethink lunch time sides.

5. Make food substitutes if needed.

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Planning Ahead for Lunch in Wilmington, NC

Often overlooked in our day planning, lunch is typically where last minute decisions are made. So let’s make a plan instead of cobbling together the who, what, where and when of lunch on the day of, 10 minutes or an hour before you run out the door. 

Those all too convenient options for last minute are often the least healthy options, and we want you to eat well. That’s why we serve a healthy and accessible lunch in Wilmington, NC. 

We have gluten free, vegetarian, and low carb options every day!

Sandwiches for lunch in wilmington nc

Balance Your Mid Day Meal in Wilmington, NC at The Kitchen Sink

Strawberry soup for lunch

We happen to thrive at the lunchtime staple of sandwiches. And luckily enough, you can make sandwiches into a well balanced meal at The Kitchen Sink.

Well balanced meals, including the lunch variety, consist of lean protein, fiber-rich sources of carbohydrate and veggies, and healthy fats. 

A mixed green leafy salad is another great option for lunch, and we have those too! We have a Pear + Gorgonzola Salad, Chef Salad, Strawberry + Cucumber + Spinach + Feta Salad. 

Beyond these salad options, you can also make your own with the chicken from our Bad Hot sandwich, or add shrimp!

Mind Your Portion Sizes During Lunch in Wilmington, NC

Feeling tired or groggy after lunch? Look no further than portion size as the main culprit. Sure, types of food here can aid your energy level too, but mainly it’s portion size. 

We have you covered for good portion sizes at lunch in Wilmington, NC. All of our lunch sandwiches, sides, and appetizers are portioned by weight. 

Your specific portion size needs will vary depending on activity level, health and wellness goals, and the rest of your food intake in a given day.

But we can confidently say that our lunch portions are in line with the needs of most people.


salad as a side at lunch at The Kitchen Sink in Wilmington, NC

Rethink Lunch Time Sides at The Kitchen Sink

We offer both traditional side options such as fries and chips, as well as healthy alternatives. 

Options that do more harm than good are packed full of refined sugar and preservatives – things like pretzels, packaged granola, etc.

For lunch we offer healthy sides like side salads, fresh fruit, cucumber salad.

Food Substitutions at Lunch in Wilmington, NC

Visually consider what we’ve already discussed in creating a well balanced and healthy lunch in Wilmington, NC. Have it in your head? Great. Something we pride ourselves on here at The Kitchen Sink is that we make everything to order, so if there’s a substitution you’d like to make we can easily do that for you!

We have all the fruits and veggies to accommodate whatever you’re thinking to substitute in one of our sandwiches.

And every week we have a gluten free and vegetarian soup option, rotating so there’s always something new for you to try!

Vegetable substitutions for lunch in Wilmington NC